Grafton Goodness

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Grafton Goodness

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For a small foothill village, Grafton is home to an amazing number of artisans. Cheese, wood, iron or art - anyone who has visited our little hamlet can attest to the variety and quality of products made here. This collection brings together some of our favorites, available in two sizes to meet any occasion. 

The SMALL gift includes: 

  • Grafton Village Cheese Company (GVCC) 2 year Cheddar Cheese (1 lb)
  • Plummer’s Sugar House Amber maple syrup (1 quart)
  • Blake Hill Preserves blueberry lemon jam (10 oz)
  • Hand-carved cheese knife by Jason Ballard

The LARGE gift includes all of the above, plus: 

  • Grafton Village Cheese Co. Garlic Cheddar (8 oz)
  • Grafton Village Cheese Co. 1 Year Aged Cheddar (8 oz)
  • Blake Hill Preserves classic marmalade (10 oz)
  • MKT housemade granola (1 lb)
  • MKT raw wildflower honey (8 oz) + Honey Dipper
  • One "Grafton Love" Flour Sack Towel
  • One "Be A Purveyor of Goodness" Tote Bag
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