MKT: Grafton
MKT: Grafton. Purveyors of Goodness


MKT: the Market at Grafton Village is an integrated, new-age general store in the heart of idyllic Vermont.

We aim to be purveyors of all that is good.

With a focus on food that aligns with our shared values of community, quality, and sustainability, we work to create delicious experiences that honor our products, partners, and patrons.

The store offers specialty foods and wines with a strong focus on regional, artisanal products including Grafton cheese. In addition to grocery services, MKT provides access to a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu of innovative, prepared foods made with love, fresh every day. 



(347) 555-1234



162 Main Street
Grafton, VT 05146


M, W, Th, F, S: 7:30a–7:30p
S: 8:00a-6:00p
T: Closed