MKT: Grafton
MKT: Grafton. Purveyors of Goodness

Our Story


Roster of Rockstars

June Lupiani
Owner + General Manager

Ali Hartman

Kelly McNamera
Kitchen Lead

Jan Archambault
Guest Experience

Rachel Plummer
Prep Cook


Our Team Rocks

Jan Archambault , Grocery + Guest Experience

Jan joined the team in November 2015. She has had a number of roles at MKT. She now finds herself on the floor ensuring our guests are loved and our shelves are bursting with goodness.

Ali Hartman, Owner

Ali loves to eat delicious food. She also loves to build things. And feels at home when she’s taking care of people. So, in many ways MKT is her perfect storm. You’ll find her mostly behind the scenes these days, even though she much prefers being behind the counter. She is endlessly proud of the important work and countless accomplishments of this team and this business.

June Lupiani, Owner + General Manager

June makes the MKT world go round. And she takes that responsibility seriously. You can find her in every aspect of our business. She makes dreams come true for our guests and ensures our vendors deliver on time. She schedules and proposes, strategizes and organizes. June appreciates the challenges and opportunities of small towns and things there’s no where quite as beautiful or unique as Grafton. She’s proud to call this place home and this store hers.

Kelly McNamara, Kitchen Lead + Magic Maker

Kelly has grown with this business. Joining us part time as a prep cook in the fall of 2015, she now leads our food service business. From making obscene baked goods to executing complex catering events, she focuses on quality and taste by celebrating the best of food and of people.

Rachel Plummer, Cook + Cookie Master

Rachel supports all of the work coming out of our kitchen. She makes one hell of a chocolate chip cookie and is dicing onions faster every day. When she’s not at MKT, she’s a farmer and a mom, so she knows hard work as well as anyone.

We have a number of other incredible folks on our team. Special thanks to Ashley, Clayton, Grace, Mary, Max, and Jackie for all that they do to make MKT great!